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How can I have WMI teach at our school?

Rev. Alvin Miranda, BS, MA will provide teaching as an adjunct professor where services rendered will be remunerated through donations to the WMI organization.

How do I schedule a teaching workshop (English and/or Spanish) ?

Please contact us so that we may send you more information about hosting.

How much does it cost to have WMI conduct a teaching workshop?

The cost of a workshop is determined by the scope of ministry provided and by the number of individuals attending. Above all, WMI is committed to serve, and we will work with the host church / school when financial resources are limited.

What does a typical one day of teaching look like?

Please view a typical Saturday schedule along with the topics covered in each session.

Please note: A workshop is specifically designed for each worship ministry team and congregation as outlined by the Lead Pastor. WMI is very flexible in crafting the right material and presentation that best meets the needs of those attending. In addition, WMI can either present a teaching to believers in general or specifically for pastors and their lay appointed leadership. A Sunday schedule can include a brief time of sharing, or a complete teaching / sermon on praise and worship. Corporate worship as led from the piano can be incorporated as well.

Does WMI help promote our workshop?

Yes! Once dates, format, and details regarding cost are solidified, then WMI will assist in promotion of the event via this website and social media.



I am a worship leader / pastor. Can I acquire the 'Lifestyle of Worship' book before committing to host?

Yes, WMI will provide one free of charge.

What must I do to have WMI assist/help our worship ministry team?

Please fill out our contact form and WMI will contact you to structure a visit to meet with your team.



How do I get help with the issues I am facing as a worship leader?

Please contact us! Alvin Miranda and the WMI leadership team have over 100 years of combined pastoral experience. Each of the leaders has a willingness and a desire to serve and help people, specifically those who have ministry leadership responsibilities. The leadership team is “people centered” and is comprised of ministers who have worked in a variety of settings—from suburban to inner city churches and outreach settings. In addition, the leadership team is both multi-generational and multi-cultural.

How can I be assured that the issues I present will be kept confidential?

Alvin Miranda will be more than happy to provide a list of pastoral contacts that you can call and ask questions regarding Alvin's track record in being trustworthy with sensitive confidential information.



How does WMI providing worship ministry support for my church?

Please contact us so we can discuss the specific needs of your congregation.

What services can you provide to our worship team and church?

WMI provides practical assistance for Spirit-led churches with an emphasis on Spanish-speaking worship leaders.

  • WMI can rehearse the musicians and/or singers to effectively lead worship for a Sunday service.

  • If needed, WMI can rehearse and lead worship for a church service in a manner that is subject to the specific desires of the lead pastor and consistent with the existing culture of the church.

  • Song selection (English or Spanish) and 'worship style' will be determined by what is customary to the church.

  • During corporate worship, new songs will be incorporated with those that the congregation is already familiar with.

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