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What is WMI all about?

WMI is an organization that teaches biblical and practical principles of praise and worship with a focus on the Spanish-speaking community.WMI provides resources, assists churches, and is a relational support to worship teams and their families. 


What is the mission?

To help people embrace a lifestyle of worshiping Jesus. Transformed lives is the primary objective of WMI.

How are we going to accomplish this mission?

  • By teaching each of the 22 lessons in the Lifestyle of Worship (English & Spanish) manual

  • By providing the Lifestyle of Worship (English & Spanish) manual to people

  • By equipping leaders both here and abroad

  • By offering hands-on training to worship ministry teams 

  • By addressing relevant family issues specific to worship leaders


Where will the mission be fulfilled?

  • Churches (English and Spanish)

  • Homes (facilitated by a group leader and the Lifestyle of Worship (English & Spanish) manual

  • Schools



WMI was founded by Alvin Miranda in 1997. He is bilingual and of Hispanic descent. An accomplished pianist, he accompanied congregational singing and directed the choir at a Spanish church in NYC during his formative years. He has been a staff pastor and worship leader for over 30 years and has conducted worship leadership conferences throughout Latin America. He currently serves as an adjunct professor at Dallas Christian College where he teaches classes on worship and music.

Rev. Alvin Miranda, BS, MA
Founder and President

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