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WMI uses your donations to:

  • Facilitate teaching workshops to other countries especially those in Latin America. Rev. Alvin Miranda is Hispanic / bilingual and has conducted numerous teaching workshops throughout Mexico and South America. It is WMI's desire to reach those countries whose people do not have the means to purchase worship resources and/or attend teaching seminars / workshops.

  • Translate the 'Lifestyle of Worship' teaching manual into other languages. Presently, there is a great need for teaching on worship throughout Latin America that WMI wishes to capitalize on.

  • Help train others specifically in 'worship leading' methodology that is consistent with the needs of those hungering for the manifest presence of God.

  • Help equip worship leaders both here and abroad with resources that will help them lead more effectively.

  • Help establish a fund specifically structured to meet extenuating needs of worship leaders and their families.

  • Help WMI provide teaching for inner-city churches in the Dallas Metroplex that do not have the means to sponsor a workshop / conference.

Donate online:

Donate by mail:

Please make checks payable to WMI & mail to:

P.O. Box 190462

Dallas, TX 75219

World Ministries International is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Alvin Miranda, founder and president of WMI shares three reasons to support the organization. He expounds on the focused approach that WMI employs in reaching others, explains what it means to establish a 'lifestyle of worship', and shares his passion to help worship leaders and their families. 

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